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Advertising microsite that presents the main features of MODU on the Vodafone network, created as an online communication asset, part of the regional launch campaign.
We conceived the usability and design for the human resources management tool used by Vodafone Romania for job advertising and recruitment activities within the company.
The wristocrats editors are looking into the watch industry in order to select the best, the unique, the finest, and the most exquisite watches.
YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. They develop decision-making technology and tools for startups.

Inigral leverages the Facebook platform across the student life cycle in order to address admissions marketing, student engagement, and alumni involvement.
Off The Chain offers an amazing collection of custom handmade jewelry, inspired by natural elements, highly creative yet with simple and elegant details.
Of course you will forget to take your umbrella with you today and you'll get wet. This simple app simplifies your life by sending you alerts when it's about to rain.
Inigral specializes in bringing the social web to education. It primary builds on the Facebook platform and it is privately-held, funded by the Founders Fund.

We wanted to share things that we like, and so we did it in the form of an online magazine platform for art, design, lifestyle, and fashion that promotes emerging trends.
A place where you can store and share your collection items, as well as a good place where you can talk to people with the same interests or find hidden collectible gems.
Memes are concepts spreading organically, in a peer-to-peer system over the Internet. covers the biggest and most interesting stories about small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovation.