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Smart by design, this is the smartwatch with a 30-day battery life.
T-shirts done not for the sake of fashion, but because a good music album also needs cool materials to support it.
After one year of activity, the Oneday project managed to gather and showcase a good selection of independent artists in their first mixture.
Phonotic is an Android application that allows users to better organize their photos, directly on their mobile phone and then share them with their friends.

We have been working with a large set of artists who have just come out on the music market and who haven’t had time to work on their personal projects.
Even if it is just in a concept stage, our shelving system has already appeared in numerous industry magazines and it has also started winning industrial design awards.
Floe magazine gathers 130 pages of fashion, architecture, interior design, music, movies, and photo essays, by promoting an intelligent lifestyle concept.
This is Bitza’s fourth music album. It was launched in 2008 on Christmas Day and was sold exclusively online on his website.

This product evokes feelings just by looking at it. You can already start imagining how would it feel to actually experience sitting on it.
We often play with industrial design. It has always been part of our creative background. You could say that we're trying to build the things we cannot find to buy.
This was an interesting project for us because we had to do concepts for Hispanic market ATM Debit cards.
We designed the T-shirts for Sunnyday, a brand which appeals to the 18-28 years old audience.