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Communication for the 2010 Annual Henkel CEE Art Prize event, inviting artists from all sorts of fields to become part of the event.
These are the communication posters that we created for the eight edition of the Central and Eastern European Henkel Art Awards.
This was our second involvement with Henkel after last year's Art Awards. This year's theme was "2008, The Year of Contemporary Drawing".
Henkel is a leader with brands and technologies that make people's lives easier, better and more beautiful.

The Romtelecom Social Responsibility Report is an inspirational overview of the incredible amount of social actions performed by the company during 2008.
Avalos Arquitectos were invited by the Federation of Architecture of the Mexican Republic to participate in the 2010 Biennale.
Floe magazine gathers 130 pages of fashion, architecture, interior design, music, movies, and photo essays, by promoting an intelligent lifestyle concept.
This is a project about that time when day to day stationary should not look boring and be forgotten somewhere on a coffee table in the office.

If we ever have a band, we'll sure be able to do some cool posters for our concerts. Crize fans seemed to love what we created for their favorite band.
Sensiblu is the largest pharmacy network in Romania, a market leader present in all the towns which have a population over 50k.
A true "corporate citizen", Romtelecom is a real supporter of different social, cultural, artistic, sports, philanthropic, educational, health, and media projects.
Romtelecom is the largest telecommunications company in Romania, with the majority of shares held by the Greek telecommunications company OTE.