cases / identity
Oneday is an initiative that has the purpose of promoting independent music artists.
Decor Hub is a community portal for home decoration enthusiasts.
Of course you will forget to take your umbrella with you today and you'll get wet. This simple app simplifies your life by sending you alerts when it's about to rain.
Okapi built from scratch the Sunnyday brand by associating the nice T-shirts with the sunny days when people wear them.

After being on the market for 2 years, Terracan realized their communication was not reflecting the current reality of the company.
Ridgecrest Financial provides products and services to the financial services community.
Before designing Flow magazine, we started with the branding process. The solution offered is based on custom-made typography.
Rulez is a clothing and accessories shop targeting teenagers who are into skating, snowboarding, graffiti, and many other urban style hobbies.