cases / identity
Building an integrated web and mobile modern presence for a renowned music artist
Custom-made mobile application that gives users much more control of their photo files on the Android devices.
Nuvi is part of our laboratory projects. It's a media experiment that integrates multimedia and the Internet as a new delivery medium for pre-selected video content.
Inigral specializes in bringing the social web to education. It primary builds on the Facebook platform and it is privately-held, funded by the Founders Fund.

This is our take on how the identity of a company that makes it easy for people to manage their fantasy football roosters should look like.
While crafting the visual identity for Emblem, we tried to offer an inside perspective of the brand.
This is the perfect system for collection management, able to accommodate any type of artwork. It can also be used privately or in an open and sharing environment.
We were commissioned by an electronics distributor to build a brand that would act as an umbrella for their new Home Automation products and services.

MonVia is an investment company aiming to help people with smart ideas get their products to market and reach profitability as quickly as possible at a low cost.
Leapset is a Silicon Valley venture in the online to offline space.
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was formed by leading investors and executives, to acquire a majority stake in companies with revenues of 4 to 50 million USD.
Shared Success is a fund focusing on early stage businesses with strong fundamentals, unrivaled resources, and sharp entrepreneurs behind the wheel.