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We have been working with a large set of artists who have just come out on the music market and who haven’t had time to work on their personal projects.
The shot you see on the left side is exactly what we received from our client. We didn’t blur it more trying to foul you (we promise!).
Creative contest in the search for the most talented children with ages between 6 and 18, who have incredible aptitudes in artistic activities.
Sometimes we get involved with non-profit projects. Here are the samples from the “Drop The guns Boys!“ social campaign, with an anti-racial and anti-nationalism message.

If we ever have a band, we'll sure be able to do some cool posters for our concerts. Crize fans seemed to love what we created for their favorite band.
Direct Credit, a credit brokerage and consulting company, contacted Okapi in order to solve a communication problem that they were facing.
Sensiblu is the largest pharmacy network in Romania, a market leader present in all the towns which have a population over 50k.
Over the years, Dero has proven to bring quality to its consumers and also understanding their aspirations, dreams and lifestyles.

Being an upcoming artist, we realized that people need to associate a face with the sounds they hear when they play his album.
We made these two prints for the PostIndustrial competition organized by HyperWerk FHBB Department of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences.
The people involved with the Funkyou community have the same general interests when it comes to advertising, creativity, design.