Over the years, Dero has proven to bring quality to its consumers and also understanding their aspirations, dreams and lifestyles.
Being an upcoming artist, we realized that people need to associate a face with the sounds they hear when they play his album.
KOR set out on a courageous mission to change our water drinking habits through their marvelous designed and eco-friendly hydration vessel.
Before designing Flow magazine, we started with the branding process. The solution offered is based on custom-made typography.

We made these two prints for the PostIndustrial competition organized by HyperWerk FHBB Department of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences.
Rulez is a clothing and accessories shop targeting teenagers who are into skating, snowboarding, graffiti, and many other urban style hobbies.
The people involved with the Funkyou community have the same general interests when it comes to advertising, creativity, design.
A true "corporate citizen", Romtelecom is a real supporter of different social, cultural, artistic, sports, philanthropic, educational, health, and media projects.

How does a sunny store look like? Well, it has to do justice to the products and it also has to ease your selection choice for when you are visiting the site.
Television series originally shown on MTV from 2000 to 2002, featuring people performing various dangerous, crude, ridiculous, and self-injuring stunts and pranks.
We had to present clearly that the company is acting as an investment fund, and as a company with its own agenda on building and launching internal and client products.
Romtelecom is the largest telecommunications company in Romania, with the majority of shares held by the Greek telecommunications company OTE.