We designed the T-shirts for Sunnyday, a brand which appeals to the 18-28 years old audience.
A place where you can store and share your collection items, as well as a good place where you can talk to people with the same interests or find hidden collectible gems.
Memes are concepts spreading organically, in a peer-to-peer system over the Internet.
Okapi built from scratch the Sunnyday brand by associating the nice T-shirts with the sunny days when people wear them.

If we ever have a band, we'll sure be able to do some cool posters for our concerts. Crize fans seemed to love what we created for their favorite band. covers the biggest and most interesting stories about small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovation.
Direct Credit, a credit brokerage and consulting company, contacted Okapi in order to solve a communication problem that they were facing.
The Ultimate Football Network is a social media platform for football where you can find news or manage fantasy football roosters.

Terracan deals with the luxury market real estate, mostly characterized by affordable large spaces.
After being on the market for 2 years, Terracan realized their communication was not reflecting the current reality of the company.
Sensiblu is the largest pharmacy network in Romania, a market leader present in all the towns which have a population over 50k.
Ridgecrest Financial provides products and services to the financial services community.