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A simple and modern fitness apparel product launch store with Shopify integration
If you are passionate about running as the people at Wola are, you know you will always have trouble with the iPhone, keys, cash or credit cards that you take with you. Terry and Alex spent a great deal of time and they kept iterating a solution that would solve these problems.

They already have a product out, the North Moore Short, fully designed and built in TriBeCa, New York, and they've proudly just closed end of 2014 a funding campaign on Kickstarter for it.

We were involved in creating the supporting web presence for the company, with a clear goal of enabling people to purchase the newly launched products.

We worked together with the Wola team in order to define the scope, sketch out wireframes and identify the best technical solution for this launch. We ended up with a good approach by having mostly a single page browsing experience which includes all the content needed for a buying decision.

Using a parallax javascript effect allowed us to make the scroll dynamic and for the product ordering we've selected for this early stage to do a Shopify e-commerce integration since it provides one of the best frameworks for when you have a minimalistic set of products.