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Ubervu v2
Ubervu helps you follow, analyze, and connect with your customers and fans. In Michael Arrington's words it is "organizing the discussion mess we're in now".
The application makes it easy to keep track of and interact with your community, by giving you great tools and analytics oriented around this Web-wide community.

We got involved in the second application design phase. We'll offer a more comprehensive case study about this. Though as a short explanation, after we finished, launched and tested the initial application, we looked on how it performed and realized that things could be improved.

The initial version was still good to use, but we realized that there might be a perception issue. Also taking advantage of new features that were integrated after the launch, we decided to have a fresh approach and build a second interface.

In our opinion, the issue with the visual perception was that the system looked like a website and not as a real application. And so, in the new design, most of the details (formatting, iconography, element placement, reporting) were built with inspiration from the look and feel of desktop applications.