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Tiret - Black Stone Dial
The shot you see on the left side is exactly what we received from our client. We didn’t blur it more trying to foul you (we promise!).
The story goes like this: this was a custom-made, one of a kind watch, and our client didn’t have time for a photo session before selling the watch to its current owner.

Our client received a proposal to be included in a catalog for exclusive brands, and at the same time had the chance to take photos of the watch while it was in for regular maintenance.

The watch was in Switzerland, and had been taken apart into many pieces by the watchmaker during maintenance. The person in charge of this process was asked to take the best picture he could. He took the picture with a regular camera and the lights available in his shop. That’s the picture on the left side.

We knew the design and how it looked in its original state and when we started to recreate it we had as much material at hand as you can see. What you see on the right side is the result of a great post production process, and not the art of a fantastic photographer.

This project is an international story that happened overnight with a client in New York, a watch manufacturer in Switzerland, a magazine publisher in UK, and a creative studio in Bucharest: Okapi Studio.