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Russ Jay
Building an integrated web and mobile modern presence for a renowned music artist
DJ, musician, producer, live act and collaborator, Russ Jay is a genuine musical polymath and as such, his studio productions and live DJ sets are imbued with a real sense of craftsmanship. It’s this single minded approach and meticulous attention to detail that marks him apart from his peers and shines through in everything he does.

We had enough time to know each other before embarking on this project, the music industry is a tough business and each artist has different approaches and needs when it comes to communicating his presence and keeping his fan base updated. And so we've sit down and listened and learned.

The solution we've proposed had to offer all the information needed in a single page experience, it had to be light for fast loading and it had to integrate all the tools that Russ was already using. This means Soundcloud integration for the latest production, Facebook Events for the upcoming shows, Tumblr for the blog posts and so on.

It might sound technical, but the entire exercise was around his brand. Many of his fans are always checking out their phones, so the site’s responsiveness was key. We've played with a minimalistic letter based symbolistic for the brand logo and we've also used good imagery that we've touched with some light effects, he is after all mostly a club artist.

We've delivered a minimalistic visual approach coupled with parallax effects because the browsing experience had to have a sense of flow

You can see the end result here.