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PIP - stress away
Improved UI & design for stress management applications
PIP is a smart gadget that monitors stress levels and trains users to calm their minds. Its gold-plated biosensor picks up on the skin’s electrical activity, monitors it in real time and interprets it through a series of smart algorithms.

Users interact with PIP through mind relaxing games that help them better understand and control their behavior over time.

The project was founded through KickStarter and had a great success. Preparing to ship the device to their backers, the PIP team wanted to provide them with a unitary experience via their apps.

The first drafts looked and felt very different from each other and were out of tune with the new PIP brand and website. We were asked to help out with a refreshed UI and design for their 2 game-based applications: The Loom and Relax & Race, and also their Stress Tracker Application.

We started out by creating wireframes in order to better define the user flow. We restructured and eliminated unnecessary steps. Our goal was to create a smooth flow in all the apps, so that a PIP user could feel comfortable and familiar, while easily understanding what to do, no matter the game.

Afterwards we moved on to the design and created a coherent look and feel that could easily suit all the games. We did not interfere with the game design in any way, but we wanted each app to have its own personality, yet still resemble the PIP brand.

A relaxed and natural mood was used for The Loom, in which you use your powers of relaxation to turn winter into summer, and a playful mood for Relax & Race, a dragon racing game where victory is achieved through relaxation.

Finally, we also redesigned the Stress Tracker Application. Here we used an elegant and minimalistic look, and used simple, easy to understand diagrams and user reports.