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MVP Academy
Presentation for one of the best start-up pre-acceleration programs in Central and East Europe
MVP Academy is a 7 week pre-acceleration program for Central and East European start-ups. It helps early stage teams to refine their product and pitch in order to connect them on graduation day with top-tier investors. During the program the start-ups are involved many activities, from practical workshops, hands on mentoring and coaching sessions, group and on demand meetings as well as lots of pitching practice.

We’ve been involved for a while with the organization, so it was a no brainer that we could also get involved in helping with some marketing materials too.

The scope of the project was to present the new 2015 program as well as to create an environment where start-ups can apply easily for the academy. It had to be catchy so it could attract young tech people into signing up, and so besides the general boilerplate texts we’ve played a bit with fun illustrations and iconography.