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Garanti Bank
Campaign microsite for Garanti Bank, which presents a list of important benefits that the customers can take advantage of if they decide to work with the bank.
Usually, bank presentations are boring and hard to read for people who are not savvy with financial information. We were aware of this aspect and when we approached this project we decided to make it as friendly and interesting as possible, so that people can remember it and also have quick access to good information.

The concept stage was a design and development collaboration, each in equal sizes. We used Papervision to accomplish this. Even though the technology itself was a bit difficult to implement for the first time, it offered a visual experience which was highly innovative, at least from the development point of view.

After we had finished the project, while attending Carlos Ulloa's presentation at CAT London, Carlos being part of the core Papervision development team, we felt very familiar with the technology.