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Floe Magazine
Floe magazine gathers 130 pages of fashion, architecture, interior design, music, movies, and photo essays, by promoting an intelligent lifestyle concept.
With this concept, it positions itself in the Canadian market without having any direct competition.

Our target audience for this project is 60% women and 40% men, who are intelligent, sophisticated, and enjoy the finer things in life. They know the difference between quality and cheap stuff; they want a magazine to read for pleasure and not for financial or politic information. The producers made sure that the editors would be Canadian stars, and that the paper and printing process would have the best quality.

What we did for this project was to take care of the creative process: art direction, graphic design, layout, and visual identity. We already knew that the audience wears designer suits at the office, but they are casual at home.

We approached it with a friendly, clean, and simple tone, and we combined the elegant and dynamic visual elements while applying modern concepts. The result was a simple and easy to remember identity. Unlike many, the magazine has its own personality that stands out from the multitude of other brands to which its target market is exposed daily.

We see the feeling of this project as innovative, pleasant, and fancy for the urban audience; no way you are going to find it in the countryside.