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Farmgirl Flowers
New e-commerce and shop management system for the famous flower shop in San Francisco, CA
Farmgirl Flowers is not you typical online flower shop. As opposed to the classic business model that offers thousands of bouquets and flowers, here you can only order the daily arrangement. The team picks nothing but the freshest flowers from their trusted growers, so every time you order, you are in for a nice surprise. The shop is all about promoting designer quality arrangements, while supporting local farmers and minimizing waste (and overall environmental impact).

Our task was to redesign their entire website and shop management system, to fit their purpose better. They needed a scalable platform as they wished to expand their delivery area from SF to the entire Bay Area, and then California.They also needed a modern, responsive platform, that would allow users to quickly place orders from their computers or mobile devices.

Their old site was outdated, it had a slow purchase flow and a lot of unnecessary content that was poorly managed. There was a lot of room for improvement and because of their uniqueness, there was a lot of customization to be done. We soon realized that a standard e-commerce solution like Magento would not fit their particular needs, so we built one from scratch. Our main goal was to make the Farmgirl Flowers story more appealing and easy to understand while improving the shopping flow. The second goal was to offer their team a simple and straightforward management system for the shop complete with comprehensive reports.

For the first two weeks we had long conversations with the Farmgirl Flowers team to better understand the mechanics behind the whole business. After we figured out how the team works and what they need, we started translating those points into actual features. We made a set of highly detailed wireframes to set the structure and user flow for both the website and the management area.

Prototypes approved, it was time for design. Our goal was to bring the attention to the beautiful arrangements in the shop, so we've kept the design simple and elegant.

All in all it was a challenging project, but also exciting as we had to create everything from the ground up, and provide room for growth.

Update: After our initial launch, based on the scalability & flexibility of our platform, the FGF team expanded their business model and they now deliver US-wide via their new National shop.