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Magento e-commerce integration for ethnic haircare, fragrance and skincare products
Doobop is a chic shopping destination for women of different ethnicity and skin color that are constantly looking for beauty products that will fit their specific needs. The main focus was to provide an elegant and simple way for women to click-to-buy in style.

On this project we were in charge of front-end and Magento development, we were happy with the results on each iteration but it was not always simple project to work on. Although fulfillment houses do a great job in delivering products, when you are trying to integrate with their systems you usually encounter APIs that are poorly written and not well documented. Integration was hard at this point as we had to use all sorts of gimmicks and run extensive testing to make sure all edge case orders worked properly.

Also, the large size of this particular platform can lead to a slow loading time. You can customize it but it's not as easy as it seems. We had to find alternative ways for improving performance. After finishing the standard optimization process we've put in place other strategies like varnish in front of the application as well as CDN delivery for static files so we've managed a decent delivery time.

Making the shop mobile friendly was also mandatory for a modern shop, and we've worked on making mobile product browsing and purchasing as seamless as possible. All in all, a great shopping experience.